Self Actualise

Going through individual change, growth and then self-actualise in the end are all part of the purification process. In spiritual terms self-actualise is part of becoming a Spiritual Being. To self-actualise signifies that your true authentic self which is your Divine Higher-self (Spirit or Soul) has come to its truest form, you live and abide by what you choose to accomplish while here on earth. This is what you destined.

By bring your Divine Higher-self or Spirit into form you are able to work harmoniously and cooperatively to your full potential as one on your Divine soul purpose and life mission as destined to be while on earth for highest life and spiritual fulfilment. You utilise your spiritual gifts, natural talent and skills to achieve goodness for all and for personal growth.

Our being of who we are in this world and our life path is uniquely and wonderfully made by Yahuah. Understanding ourselves and the world around us from a spiritual perspective can help us lead a more meaningful life.

Standing On Self Actualise
I was able to discover my Divine Higher-self, Divine soul purpose and life mission and eventually self-actualise after following my calling to become Spiritual. During the course of my purification through the guidance, coaching, support, training and mentoring given to me by the Archangel, my Angels and Ascended Masters, I gained some insight from a higher perspective the importance for an individual to self-actualise and becoming a Spiritual Being.

This is part of the ongoing purification process, coupled with my Divine spiritual gifts given to me by Yahuah this assisted me to decode the process to the secret initiation for judgement on individual level.

Based on this experience and awareness I realised that to self-actualise and becoming Spiritual Being is a must for everyone as it is part of an ongoing universal purification process initiated by King Yahuah. Going through individual change, growth and self-actualise in the end as well as pursing your Divine soul purpose and life mission are all part of the process. Yahuah’s Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters are assisting us to self-actualise and become Spiritual Beings.