Our world is presently being purified by Yahuah on environmental and individual level.
A lot is happening on individual level, it is intense, very tough and a difficult time. Soul awakening and spiritual enlightenment are few instances. The human mind, body, emotion and spirit can become disharmonise once the soul awakens, situation can intensify with varying effect. As this is a spiritual heighten, Faith-based life coaching can help provide comprehend direction. Our faith, believe and trust in Yahuah during this time is valuable in giving us the strength to aid and determine our actions of making it possible for us to transform.

Faith-based Life Coaching

Faith-based life coaching assumes that we are all spirits in human form thus there is a need for us to sometimes solve our life challenges with some spiritual guidance. Coaching focuses on matters in the present and improvement for the future.
Applying faith directly to individual life challenges during this purification time is predominantly useful in helping solve personal issues such as treating anxiousness, life confusion, insecurities, fear, self-doubt, stress, limiting self-belief, finding one’s self (Divine Higher-self), Divine soul purpose and life mission.

Coaching focus on matters in the present and improvement for the future.

Personal Experience

A part of my coaching service approach is based on personal experience on how the Archangel, my Angels and Ascended Masters guided, coached, supported, trained and mentored me to gain self-recovery where I self-actualised and then progressed on to become a spiritual being. I am now sharing this with the world as Divinely directed.
Faith is the focus during coaching, because of the varying effect during purification on individual level and the transformation one has to go through to aid the process become more efficient and produce desired outcome where individuals transforms themselves and self-actualise I encourage looking at the individual as a Whole.
This is because during the course of my purification I was Divinely advised to listen to my intuition and all my senses as these communicates what is going on in my inner and outer life. I also needed to be Whole. My mind, body, emotion and spirit were imbalance. They were required to be harmonised holistically.

Faith and believe can make the impossible possible.

Strong Faith and viewing the self holistically are both fundamental during coaching. Since the human mind, body, emotion and spirit can become disharmonise once the soul awakens, this can cause imbalance, individuals can experience inner confusion as if feeling lost in life.
One’s Faith in addition to understanding individual holistically can assist in exploring what is actually happening in a person’s experience. It helps find balance to harmonise all parts which is the human mind, body, emotion and spirit if they are unbalance. It also serves to support, facilitate and guide through individual transformation to self-actualise and becoming a spiritual being.
The changes that will eventually occur when one use Faith-based Life Coaching is long lasting as individuals are able to use this method in future to resolve difficult life challenges themselves.

To self-actualise and becoming a spiritual being is a must for everyone during this purification process.

Please bear in mind that this is a self-improvement approach to assist personal growth with the purpose to support and not a substitute for medical advise, diagnosis or psychiatrist treatment. I am a Healthcare Assistant and as a Life Coach I am not qualified or trained to diagnose any medical condition, provide psychoanalysis as well as no training as an authorize doctor or psychiatrist. Please contact appropriate qualified specialist for advise on any conditions concerning Health and Medical treatment. More