Coaching Services & Offering

Means For Coaching
My coaching approach includes a series of individual tailored coaching process and techniques to support and facilitate. Individuals must be driven and committed through self-direction to accomplish good outcome from their coaching.
There are 3 coaching options to choose, coaching can be done either by Telephone, Video Conferencing WebEx & Skype or Email.

Individuals I offer coaching support are able:
To formulate their own accountability flow by establishing their core beliefs, values and implement personal life goals.
Have believe in life and recognise that one is doing the best they can.
Replace anxiousness, stress, limiting self-belief and fear with confidence and self-belief.
Stop putting one’s self down, have self-knowledge of one’s authentic self and become comfortable with who they truly are as a person (Divine Higher-self).
Stay motivated, empowered, change, grow and live life with a purpose.
To walk their way through change to enter into the new where they eventually self-actualise.
Have confidence that one is earnest of friends, love and happiness in life.
To develop one’s wellbeing with individual meaningful values where they live with positivity for themselves and others.
To create awareness and understanding into repetitive life situations.

Viewing life from a positive perspective can change almost everything and anything.

Coaching Fees
A coaching session is £55.00 for 45 minutes for Telephone or Video Conferencing WebEx Coaching.
Payment need to be made before the start of any new coaching session.
Coaching fee is not refundable once a coaching session has been attended partially or completed. This is not applicable to coaching rescheduling and cancellation with at least 2 hours’ notice before the start of any session.
If coaching appointment is unattended without any prior notice 50% of the coaching fee will be refunded with the remaining 50% retained by the Coach.

Post Coaching Service
There is a post coaching service follow-up of between 1 to 2 emails after sessions. This will depend on individual circumstances.