Coaching Approach & Areas

I believe that during this purification time with the right guidance and support individuals can accomplish a lot more in life through the use of what is naturally embedded within them.

Coaching Approach

The coaching relationship is driven by the individual to achieve while I support and facilitate. I also motivate, encourage self-reflection, a believe in one self, set exercises and assessment, Divine directions, provide inspirational support among other things. When you make enquiries about my coaching service we will establish service ideals. To begin coaching at the very beginning the individual will receive a short questionnaire to assess their readiness for coaching.

If ready, a series of individual tailored coaching process and techniques are implemented a few I have detailed here.

During the coaching relationship I get to know more about the person
I listen and ask questions in relation to their personal circumstances
Progress them through self-directed process where they formulate their own accountability flow by implementing personal life goals
Individuals set their own plan of action.
Outline or set their own deadlines and prioritise their coaching goals
There are at times it can simply be by listening to individuals talk about their life situations where they need to clarify their thoughts on something.

Becoming who you have always dreamt of becoming is possible someday. Finding yourself, Divine soul purpose and life mission will aid you achieve this in life. The ultimate coaching goal will be to assist individuals stay motivated, empowered, change, grow and eventually transforms themselves to self-actualise by bringing their spirit into form where one’s mind, body, emotion and spirit becomes harmonious to overcome any life challenges and for them to pursue their Divine soul purpose and life mission.

Coaching is confidential and non-judgemental.

Coaching Areas

Coaching areas I cover are life challenges and purification effect one will experience. To give an idea, instances where I provide support through Faith will include:
A lending ear to talk about life issues.
Supporting individuals to overcome anxiousness, life confusion, insecurities, fear, self-doubt, stress, limiting self-belief and moving forward in life with positivity.
Assisting individuals stay motivated, empowered, and positive in life.
Supporting a person establish their personal values and beliefs.
Assisting individuals go through change where one transition from the old into the new and eventually transforms to self-actualise.
Help in setting personal goals for change in line with ones’ Divine soul purpose.

Please note that I presently coach individuals who are 18 years old and above.