Our world is presently being purified by Yahuah on environmental and individual level. A lot is happening on individual level, it is intense, very tough and a difficult time. Soul awakening and spiritual enlightenment are few instances. The human mind, body, emotion and spirit can become disharmonise once the soul awakens, situation can intensify with varying effect. Feeling lost in life, confused, anxious, being misunderstood by others, stress, insecurities, hellish feeling with longing to have some peace of mind, having limiting self-belief, a recognition of having spiritual gifts, a strong desire to discover who you truly are as a person, sudden change in life sees you stepping out of your comfort zone, a vigorous desire to search for your Divine soul purpose and life mission to achieve your full potential and highest life fulfilment are few examples of life challenges and purification effect one can experience when being purified. To overcome these purification effect one has to self-actualise and become a spiritual being to live in the Kingdom.

Life Coaching With Faith Approach And Holistic Incorperation

Self-actualise and Spiritual Being

To self-actualise and becoming a spiritual being is a must for everyone. This is critical and part of the present purification process.

Going through change where one transition from the old into the new and growing awareness of one’s authentic self (Divine Higher-self), using your spiritual gifts, identifying your natural talents and skills, writing down your core beliefs and values, establishing your life goals, knowing your Divine soul purpose and life mission are all important purification stages individuals have to go through.

Developing through each of these stages to the end helps transforms a person to self-actualise and bring their spirit into form. Having strong faith, believe, staying motivated and empowered can help a person move forward and get through encountered life challenges and purification effect.

Faith-baed Life Coaching

As this is a spiritual heighten, Faith-based life coaching can help provide comprehend direction. Our faith, believe and trust in Yahuah during this time is valuable in giving us the strength to aid and determine our actions of making it possible for us to transform.

Faith-based life coaching assumes that we are all spirits in human form thus there is a need for us to sometimes solve our life challenges with some spiritual guidance. Coaching focuses on matters in the present and improvement for the future. It is non-judgmental.

Applying faith directly to individual life challenges during this purification time is predominantly useful in helping solve personal issues such as treating anxiousness, life confusion, insecurities, fear, self-doubt and stress. Based on personal experience…

Areas Of Coaching

Coaching areas I cover are life challenges and purification effect one will experience. To give an idea, instances where I provide support through Faith will include:

A lending ear to talk about life issues.
Supporting individuals to overcome anxiousness, life confusion, insecurities, fear, self-doubt, stress, limiting self-belief and moving forward in life with positivity.

Assisting individuals stay motivated, empowered, and positive in life.

Supporting a person establish their personal values and beliefs.

Assisting individuals go through change where one transition from the old into the new and eventually transforms to self-actualise.

Help in setting personal goals for change in line with ones’ Divine soul purpose.

Life Changes

There are times life can be full of challenges with ups and downs and so many things coming at us. If you need that little push and encouragement when you go through life challenges or during this purification time you want to find yourself as to your authentic self, Divine soul purpose and life mission then I’m available to provide support and facilitate you through your life circumstances. I presently coach individuals who are 18 years and above. If you had like to make an appointment for a coaching session please click on Appointment to schedule.


Please bear in mind that this is a self-improvement approach to assist personal growth with the purpose to support medical treatment. Although a Member of The Complementary Medical Association (CMA) I am a Faith-based Life Coach and not qualified or trained to diagnose any medical condition or provide psychoanalysis as well as not trained as an authorize doctor or psychiatrist. Please contact appropriate qualified specialist for advise on any conditions concerning Health and Medical treatment.

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Our Faith In King Divine Yahuah

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